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Pure water explained:

Although tap water looks clean it actually contains lots of dissolved chemicals and minerals these amounts vary from area to area (Hard & Soft water areas). It is these minerals (mainly calcium and magnesium) that leave white residues on glass.  We measure the purity of the water using  TDS meter (total, dissolved solids) the water coming out of my tap has a reading 0f 057, For water the dry clear & spot free I need to bring this TDS reading down too 000

Still with me!! The filters on my van take this reading down too 000 allowing me to guarantee my work 100%

With a traditional mop & squeegee you first wet the window to agitate the dirt from the glass into the water, you then remove this dirty water with the squeegee leaving a clean window.

When we clean using pure water with a telescopic pole & a soft brush.  firstly we scrub the frames and glass as you would with a soaped mop, but then we lift the brush off of the window and starting at the top of the frame working are way down horizontally we rinse the dirty water off with the pure water. So all that’s now left of your frame & glass is 100% pure water which will dry completely clear & spot free guaranteed.

pure water cleaning in teignmouth